Successful AI starts with a trusted data foundation

Your AI initiatives will only be as good as your data. Organizations can harness the power of AI by creating a trusted data foundation to fuel innovation and augment decision-making across teams.

Better data equals better AI

Your AI is only as good as your data is. A trusted data foundation is a critical element for successful AI initiatives; thus, a comprehensive data management strategy must be in place.

Decisions you can understand

Transparent and explainable models are crucial to cultivate trust among analytics and end-users, simultaneously increasing confidence in the decisions you make.

Transformation at scale

Empower your teams to handle real-time organizational demands, when you have a robust, scalable infrastructure for implementing AI across your workflows.

The opportunity

Creating trusted AI requires contextual data

With advanced Entity Resolution and Knowledge Graphs, Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform ensures your data is prepared for AI and optimized for teams to act on it confidently.

  • Unify your data by connecting data from any source at scale with unprecedented accuracy.

  • Create context using Graph Analytics to uncover hidden relationships in your data.

  • Augment and automate decision-making with transparent and informed insights.

  • Leverage your AI models by seamlessly integrating them into day-to-day operations. 

What's next in our AI innovation

Generative AI for transformational gains

Introducing Q Assist, the context-aware Gen AI technology suite for augmented decisioning. Deploy, manage, and operationalize Gen AI that's grounded in contextual data.

The challenge with Generative AI and Large language models (LLMs) is their inherent inability to fully understand proprietary data, often leading to inaccuracies. 

Quantexa continues to innovate its technology suite to bridge this gap with context-aware AI solutions, transforming disparate data into actionable insights. Our new generative AI technology suite combines the power of Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform providing a connected data foundation with Graph Analytics alongside Generative AI. 

This is enabled through an Integration Layer, Prompt Builder, and Copilot that accelerates the ability of teams to augment and automate decision-making and operationalize data and AI seamlessly, turning information gatherers into confident decision-makers.

Quantexa Debuts Q Assist, New Context Aware Generative AI Technology Suite

New AI advancements are helping industry leaders get data ready for AI and make impact.

Stay ahead with Quantexa

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