Fraud methods continuously evolve

Fraud typologies are constantly changing as fraudsters adapt to evade monitoring systems.


Organizations will often look at activity, behaviors, companies and individuals in isolation, preventing them from seeing the bigger picture that is needed to detect fraud.


Without a contextual view, you’ll face limitations on what existing monitoring systems and investigation teams can achieve in the fight against fraud.

Outsmart criminals with contextual fraud detection software

Empower your teams to see beyond a payment, transaction, claim, individual or single company. Configure your systems to more effectively distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behaviors.


Use our Contextual Decision Intelligence platform to:

  • Prioritize focus on high-risk people, businesses, channels and losses
  • Identify more instances of fraud
  • Automatically discount non-fraudulent events and minimize false positives
  • Reduce the time for investigation or the need for investigation at all
  • Reward good customers with an exceptional customer journey

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increase in accuracy
scale to over 50bn records

Stop fraud in its tracks


Give your teams the context to reduce investigation time and prevent false positives.




your data

Combine billions of records from internal and external data sources to create a single, complete view of each individual or business.


Create a dynamic view of relationships

Reveal the connections between people and organizations that matter most in your efforts to detect and prevent fraud.


Build analytics models based on real-world expertise

Develop models to help automate processes and inform decisions, with context ensuring these models are explainable and transparent.

Use our platform to add context to:

Solution brief

How to use fraud detection software in insurance firms


See how adding context to your fraud detection approach helps you reduce fraud losses, improve customer satisfaction and decrease the risk of reputational damage.

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The benefits of using CDI to detect fraud

Protect your organization, shareholders and customers against the corrosive impact of fraud.

Reduce fraud losses

Improve detection rates to flag illicit activity before money is lost.

Identify new risks
Track emerging trends and stay ahead of emergent typologies.

Reduce false positives

Discount explainable signals to allow investigators to focus on high-risk issues.

Enrich investigations with context

Gather everything you know about an individual or business, from shared identities to bank accounts and transactions.

Reveal hidden and subtle activities

Draw on a wider network instead of looking at isolated events to better understand risk.

Dedicate more time to real fraud

Identify and concentrate on high-risk issues rather than false positives.

White paper

Situational awareness of commercial customers

Find out how creating a contextual view of your customers and their networks will help you better understand them and their needs, during a time of such momentous change and upheaval.


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Why use the Quantexa platform

Build once, use many,
ingest to create a single
view with networks

Apply your data to multiple use cases—without replicating data sets.

Make faster,
more accurate decisions

Use context to improve decision accuracy across the organization, find new opportunities and uncover risk.

Scale to billions of records
in batch or real time

Built on proven, scalable open source technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Elastic.

Future-proofed open architecture

Integrate seamlessly into your existing IT ecosystem, with flexible deployment options: native, or containerized for private and public cloud.


Ensure data transparency

Use explainable data linking, advanced AI and decision models for regulatory compliance.

Keep your data secure

Rely on granular security levels for dynamic control, with all activity audited.

Speedy time-to-value

Operationalize your data in a matter of months – not years.

Overcome data
quality issues

Use entity resolution and data volume to overcome missing or poor quality data.

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