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    | Dan Onions
    The #1 Data Secret to Replacing Your Legacy IT Systems

    Digital transformation begins with replacing outdated, legacy IT systems. Learn how to replace IT applications without causing major disruption to your business.

    | Quantexa
    Danske Bank Deploys Quantexa’s AI Platform For Financial Crime Detection

    Danske Bank uses Quantexa’s platform to uncover the real-world context in data to detect financial crime and improve investigations.

    | Quantexa
    How To Detect Insurance Fraud Threats [Infographic]

    Throughout the pandemic, the threat of fraud
    and scams has intensified as the global economy
    continues to struggle and financial pressures grow. Find out how automated fraud detection can help insurers save from losses.

    | Kyle Lamborn
    How Government Agencies Can Improve Fraud Prevention Using Analytics and Data

    Government agencies using data-driven, analytical approaches to fraud prevention can discover risks and threats faster compared to traditional methods – a critical advantage that helps reduce fraud losses and increase the likelihood of recovering funds.

    | Ross Aubrey
    How To Detect Wash Trades and Market Manipulation

    Financial criminals are using wash trades to move funds out of high-risk jurisdictions. With the right technology, you can uncover this hidden risk.

    | Quantexa
    IDC Report: Maximize Your Decision Intelligence by Analyzing Contextual Data

    By adopting best practices for AI and analytics, companies can enable data-driven decision intelligence to become more agile and competitive.

    | Alexon Bell
    The FinCEN Files and the Future of AML Investigations

    Following the FinCEN Files leak of confidential suspicious activity reports, this article looks at how technology and data can enhance AML investigations and improve financial crime detection.

    | Quantexa
    The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Anti-Money Laundering Regulations [Infographic]

    The consequences for non-compliance with anti-money laundering regulations are severe. See a snapshot of regulations and AML enforcement actions in 2018-2019 in this infographic.

    | Quantexa
    Quantexa Joins Award-Winning Innovation Center Tomorrow Street

    Quantexa’s technology provides powerful insights to businesses by identifying relationships between entities and hidden links within Tomorrow Street’s data sets.

    | Quantexa
    How To Overcome The Threat of Mule Fraud During COVID-19? (Part 2)

    The way in which criminals operate is shifting as a result of COVID-19. Financial institutions must adapt to change quickly to prevent criminals from using mule fraud to take advantage of the vulnerable.

    | Quantexa
    AML Regulations: Exploring the Ever-Evolving Landscape

    Evolving AML regulations and enforcement actions have seen FIs hit with large fines. Innovative technologies could be the answer to better AML detection.