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    | Ross Aubrey
    Contextual Monitoring for Money Laundering Risk Within Financial Markets

    FCA’s recent report observed that a contextual monitoring approach can help organizations improve their risk detection capabilities – and here’s why.

    | Quantexa
    Quantexa Wins Google Cloud 2020 Industry Solutions Partner of the Year Award

    With Google Cloud, Quantexa’s CDI platform helps organizations to achieve 60x faster data resolution and 90% greater model accuracy.

    | Quantexa
    Implementing Emerging Technologies – AI & Machine Learning and Graph, with Data Governance & Ethics

    Join Quantexa and PwC for a discussion on how technology – such as AI, Machine Learning and Graph – can help organizations bridge the data decision gap to become more efficient, uncover useful customer insights and drive business value.

    | Alex Johnson
    Managing the Rise of Mergers & Acquisitions in Insurance with a Strategic Approach to Data Integration

    Establishing a strategic approach to data integration is key to managing the steady rise of M&A in insurance, and accelerating your digital transformation journey – here’s how.

    | Quantexa
    Quantexa to Lead Contextual Decision Intelligence Category with $153m Series D Funding

    Latest blue chip investment round led by Warburg Pincus accelerates Quantexa’s global technology leadership and expansion, following a year of exceptional growth.

    | Quantexa
    Quantexa Syneo Revolutionizes Risk Detection To Enable 80% Faster Investigations

    Quantexa has launched the latest version of its Contextual Monitoring and Investigations solution, Syneo, to set a new revolutionary standard in Financial Crime & Fraud detection and investigation. 

    | Alexon Bell
    Contextual Monitoring: The New Standard for FinCrime and Fraud Detection and Investigations

    As the cracks in the traditional approaches to financial crime and fraud detection and investigation deepen, a period of seismic disruption is underway – and Contextual Monitoring is at its forefront. Learn more about Quantexa’s innovative contextual monitoring platform, Syneo – designed to disrupt the current AML landscape by offering a new ‘investigate to detect’ approach based on actionable intelligence.

    | Quantexa
    Unraveling the Risk of Trade Finance: Webinar Recording

    Quantexa’s Alexon Bell, Chief Product Officer and Clark Frogley, America’s Financial Crime Solution Leader discuss the major challenges faced in trade – and why now is the time to enhance your AML systems.

    | John Harms
    Closing the “Tax Gap” & Introducing New Cryptocurrency Reporting Rules with Advanced Analytics

    The world’s largest tax collection agency – the IRS – is proposing an ambitious upgrading plan, including major investments in data analytics and technology. Learn more about the global impact of upgraded analytic capabilities here.

    | Dan Onions
    The Big Impact of Poor Data Quality You Can’t Ignore

    Data quality issues never seem to go away. Learn how to stop running from chronic data quality issues and bring your data—and your business—under control.

    | Jamie Hutton
    Enterprise Scalability: The Most Important Capability for Entity Resolution

    Overcoming data challenges and harnessing the value of big data starts with building a reliable and accurate data foundation. Entity resolution provides the foundation for better decision-making.