A Guide to Creating Personalized Digital Services in Insurance

89% of insurance organizations have challenges generating a single customer view.

With the insurance industry on the verge of massive transformational change to compete and thrive in the digital age, there is an opportunity for insurers to take advantage of these changes to build deeper, longer-lasting, and more profitable relationships with their customers.


But to do this, insurers need to be more data-driven and customer-centric. Yet with less than 10% of data deemed potentially useful being analyzed in day-to-day decisions, a new approach is needed.


In this eBook, discover the barriers to digital transformation and learn how leveraging the power of AI and Advanced Analytics can help insurers manage changing customer expectations – and thrive in the digital age.



How New Technologies Can Provide a Solution


Over the next three years, evolving customer needs and expectations are set to be the biggest challenges facing the insurance industry.


Customers expect smooth digital experiences, instant fulfillment, and personalized engagement – but few insurers are meeting these expectations today. As customer expectations continue to evolve, insurers need to ensure the gap between expectation and reality does not widen further.


Now is the time to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and the adoption of Advanced Analytics to power personalized, dynamic and relevant engagement.


Powering Contextual Decision Intelligence Technology to Realize True Transformation Change


A new breed of technology called Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) enables the connection of disparate data sets, the generation of a trusted view of all parties from disjointed systems, the building of context around customers using relevant graphs and networks, and the operationalization of analytical models to drive decision-making across multiple use cases.


In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • The current barriers to digital transformation ​– and how to overcome them
  • How insurers can capitalize on changing market conditions ​to meet evolving customer demands
  • What it means to leverage Contextual Decision Intelligence to reimagine the value chain
  • The six areas of focus to maximize ROI


Download the eBook and start your journey to creating personalized digital services today.


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