How HSBC Is Prioritizing Decision Intelligence for Digital Resilience

Recorded by Quantexa

The recent pandemic tested the mettle of countless businesses worldwide – but also made many of them more resilient. HSBC, the world’s largest trade finance bank, is a prime example.

HSBC’s long-standing partnership with Quantexa and other tech innovators helped the bank meet the pandemic’s disruption head-on from a position of digital strength, empowering it to respond with agility and help its customers, from commercial clients to individuals, do the same.

Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria recently met one-to-one with Barry O’Byrne, CEO of Commercial Global Banking at HSBC, to talk about that experience, and how Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform has helped the bank to increase its digital resilience. Also in focus: How DI capabilities allow HSBC to navigate with agility the many risks and opportunities that today’s volatile marketplace presents for the bank and its customers.

In this video, learn how using Quantexa’s DI platform has helped HSBC to:

  • Fundamentally change the customer experience by using data and insights more effectively in customer due diligence (CDD) and know your customer (KYC) processes

  • Adopt a risk-based and continuous approach to CDD and KYC that reduces manual work and enables timely, relevant investigations triggered by changes

  • Embrace global social network analysis to deepen its understanding of customers’ requirements and forge deeper relationships with them

  • Identify the opportunity to use its data and technology investments to help customers adapt to intensifying, complex environmental, social and governance (ESG) demands