Tech For Good: How Standard Chartered Bank Is Revolutionizing Investigations

Recorded by Quantexa

Banks have come very far in their approach to financial crime compliance and prevention. But they still only confiscate about one percent of the proceeds of crime. Enterprises have vast amounts of data but often lack the software to maximize the value of all this information – resulting in missed risk. There is too much time chasing what David Howes, Global Co-Head of FinCrime Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), calls “chasing the innocent around the system.” Many banks lack the capability to pursue actual crime cases.

For Standard Chartered Bank, the answer was investing in data analytics, and learning how to apply years of data and machine learning to the task of identifying cases that deserve the most attention. The data analytics technology, along with training, has given the bank a distinct advantage in tackling financial crime. 

In this video, Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria talks to Howes about SBC’s successes in tackling financial crime, how the bank has made huge strides to harness the power of data to revolutionize financial crime investigations, and how the bank is using Decision Intelligence to enhance investigations.

In this video, learn how SCB is using contextual data to:

  • Balance data analysis with customer privacy

  • Gain higher yields for successful cases

  • Provide top investigators with high-value data feeds