How Danske Bank Is Adopting Data and Analytics Technology

Recorded by Quantexa

To maximize the value of data, enterprises need to have the right IT infrastructure in place. Danske Bank launched a multi-year digital transformation journey around the use of the bank’s 100 years of data. When combined with data from customers, Danske can create an unmatched customer experience — but there is work to do before the customer sees the results. 

In a conversation with Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria, Bo Svejstrup, CIO at Danske Bank, shares the challenges of adopting data and analytics technology, and how to carefully overcome them to reach true transformation. For example, there’s the idea that the cloud solves every challenge. While the cloud certainly accelerates progress, tasks such as data governance must be handled with care. In addition, as Svejstrup explains, organizations must resolve legacy challenges around data, improve collaboration between business and IT, and plan for the future of cloud adoption.

As Marria and Svejstrup discuss, the key to managing data’s challenges is keeping a tight focus on the end game: the customer experience. For example, the cloud helps deliver greater speed and higher productivity to Danske Bank, which in turn improves service to customers.

In this video, learn how Danske Bank achieved its goal of creating a customer-centric banking experience:

  • The value of combining human intelligence with machine intelligence 

  • Responding to fast-moving banking trends with innovations driven by the cloud and data analysis

  • Overcoming pain points such as copying data without duplication

  • Combining data sources at scale to drive better customer service