How Moody's Corporation is Building Operational Resiliency

Recorded by Quantexa

The need to identify, understand, and monitor a vast array of risks, and the complex relationships around those risks, is essential for any organization operating in today’s global marketplace. But even for a company like Moody’s Corporation, which is in the business of helping its customers to navigate risk, keeping pace with the rapidly changing risk landscape is a significant challenge.

That reality has only inspired the global integrated risk management agency to focus on expanding its offerings to its customers, infusing data expertise and insights into its innovative solutions. Moody’s also works closely with partners like Quantexa to help ensure it’s making the best use of its tremendous data resources, including the world’s largest company database, to increase operational resiliency for itself and its customers.

Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria and Rob Fauber, CEO and President of Moody’s Corporation, recently met to discuss the importance of understanding and monitoring risk in the financial services industry. Their wide-ranging conversation also highlighted how Quantexa’s partnership with Moody’s provides value to mutual customers — and what the possibilities are for doing even more for these businesses in the future.

In this video, gain insight into:

  •  How the risk landscape has evolved and expanded over the last 10 years

  • Why companies benefit from using the Quantexa Decision Intelligence (DI) platform to enable event-triggered reviews of risk

  • What Moody’s is doing to become an even more data-centric, intelligent organization

  • How Moody’s is working to address climate risk and the vital role of data in those efforts