How Entity Resolution Improves Data Quality and Drives Better Business Decisions

Enterprise decision-making today is driven by data. However, many companies face a significant obstacle: reams of data that are functionally useless in that they can't be relied on to yield insights or deliver impact. Data may be incomplete, out of date, duplicated, or simply inaccurate. Worse yet, companies may not be able to determine which of their data points can be trusted.

Entity Resolution is critical to improving data quality and building a strong, trustworthy data foundation. By connecting disparate data sources (addresses, contacts, transactions, watch-lists, and registries) and matching them as a human would—but automatically, at a massive scale, and incorporating all available data points—Entity Resolution provides a accurate, 360-degree view of real-world entities in your data.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why today's approaches are insufficient—and what imperatives underly Entity Resolution

  • What Entity Quality Management (EQM) is, and how Entity Resolution supports it

  • How a dynamic Entity Resolution capability can support and empower your organization's decision-making

  • What a single view of customers, patients, or citizens can help you achieve across industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, government, and healthcare

Entity Resolution presents a strategic business advantage across every industry—and organizations relying on unwieldy, inaccurate data will inevitably be left behind.

It's time to maximize the value of your data.