Delivering Value Through Quantexa’s Global Partner Ecosystem

With collective expertise, proven ability and co-innovation, Quantexa’s partner program is creating an industry-wide ecosystem that empowers a multitude of organizations to harness the power of context and deliver differentiation at scale.

Bringing a shared vision
to life

We believe to gain value from data and enable an enterprise to fully understand its customers, you must first build a single contextual view of data.


Our global partners mirror our core values, understand the power of context and believe in explainable, transparent analytical and AI practices.


We partner with forward-thinking experts in consulting, technology and data to transform businesses, institutions and governments, creating a new global ecosystem for Contextual Decision Intelligence.


Together, we help clients drive better business decisions.

Consulting partners


Technology partners

Data partners

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Want to find out more about who we partner with, how our alliances work, and what other projects we’re working on? Drop us a line.

By combining our expertise, we are equipping our clients with new technologies and approaches to solving the most pressing data issues. Adam Markson, Managing Director, Finance & Risk Services, Accenture

Engaging with our partner ecosystem

By delivering Contextual Decision Intelligence as part of an end-to-end transformation, our alliances empower clients to drive efficient and effective decision-making to maximize the value of data, reduce costs and accelerate growth.


Our partnering options are flexible, adaptable and tailored to the partner Go-To-Market strategy to deliver the best decision intelligence solutions to every client – wherever they are in the world, whatever challenges need to overcome.


Quantexa and partner work closely on a joint proposition and Go-To-Market strategy, support and execution.


Powered by Quantexa

A partner-led innovation and IP, partner managed service (or partner builds solutions) to meet scalable and bespoke market requirements



A partner’s technology and application stack leveraging Quantexa’s industry-leading Contextual Decisioning Intelligence engine within it.



Leveraging an existing ecosystem or best-of-breed technology applications and workflow tools with Quantexa’s open architecture.


White paper

How to use decision intelligence in banks and financial institutions

Discover how you can use Contextual Decision Intelligence to improve decision making and deliver value across multiple business areas, including anti-money laundering, KYC, fraud detection, credit risk, compliance, and prospecting.


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Accenture + Quantexa

Continuous KYC

Knowing your customer is one thing. Understanding them is everything. Accenture and Quantexa have partnered to provide an automated, data-driven contextual approach to client risk assessment.

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