| Alex Johnson
How Insurers Are Boosting Their Fraud Detection To Stop Criminals

Learn how insurers can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fighting tech-savvy fraudsters using advanced analytics.

| Alex Johnson
Revolutionizing Digital Underwriting with Contextual Customer Insight

No function is more essential for success in the insurance industry than underwriting. Learn how insurers can bring data to the center of their business by harnessing the power of new data-driven and connected decision ecosystems.

| Alex Johnson
The Critical Importance of Decision Intelligence for Insurers

Insurers are moving rapidly – and competing intensively – to become advanced data-driven enterprises. Discover how dynamic entity resolution is pioneering this change.

| Alex Johnson
Managing the Rise of Mergers & Acquisitions in Insurance with a Strategic Approach to Data Integration

Establishing a strategic approach to data integration is key to managing the steady rise of M&A in insurance, and accelerating your digital transformation journey – here’s how.

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