pandora papers leak
| Matthew Long
Pandora Papers: Exposing the Complex World of Offshore Finances with Context

Billed as “an offshore data tsunami”, the Pandora Papers has exposed the growing need for contextual decision intelligence.

| Matthew Long
New Risk Factor Guidelines for Financial Crime Detection

The updated European money laundering and terrorist financing risk factor guidelines highlight taking into account “wider, contextual factors.” Find out how contextual decision intelligence can ensure enhanced risk detection and due diligence measures.

Fight Money laundering, forced labor, and modern slavery
| Matthew Long
Context and the fight against forced labor, modern slavery and human trafficking
| Matthew Long
How to Manage Organized Financial Crime Threats caused by COVID-19

As many legitimate businesses worldwide continue to adjust to new ways of working during the COVID-19 pandemic, criminal organizations are ahead of the curve in adapting their operations to take advantage of arising opportunities.

| Matthew Long
EU’s 5th AML Directive (5AMLD): The Key Changes to Financial Crime

Following a string of high-profile money laundering cases and devastating terror attacks across Europe, serious questions were raised about the […]

| Matthew Long
Using public-private partnerships (PPP) to beat criminal networks

When is financial crime “victimless”? Is it a situation when someone has managed to “beat the system” and make some […]

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