Building The Intelligent Enterprise Series


In this 5-part video series, Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria speaks to global financial institutions on topics such as data and analytics, compliance, risk management, and cloud adoption. Subscribe below to be notified when new episodes are live.

Episode 1

Tech For Good: How HSBC Uses Technology To Combat Crime

As one of the largest banks in the world, HSBC owns huge amounts of data – but understanding the networks and relationship within that data can be a challenge. In this episode, Vishal Marria speaks with Jennifer Calvery, Head of Financial Crime at HSBC, to see how the bank is using technology to manage its data effectively and improve financial crime detection to tackle horrific crimes, from terrorist financing and human trafficking.


Episode 2

Tech For Good: How SCB is Revolutionizing Investigations

Enterprises have vast amounts of data but often lack the software to maximize the value of all this information – resulting in missed risk. However, Standard Chartered Bank has made huge strides to harness the power of data to revolutionize financial crime investigations. David Howes, Global Co-Head of FinCrime Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank, shares how the bank is using contextual decision intelligence to enhance investigations.


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