Decision Intelligence in Action: Using Data At Scale


Learn how trailblazing leaders from some of the world’s largest organizations are transforming their enterprises using Decision Intelligence and data at scale.


Decision Intelligence is fundamental to unlocking the power of your data.

Using data at scale leads to effective decision-making, which drives the digital resiliency required to enable large-scale transformation. Vishal Marria, CEO at Quantexa, speaks to leaders of global organizations to uncover what it really means to put Decision Intelligence into action.

Watch Latest:Prioritizing Decision Intelligence For Digital Resilience

with Barry O’Byrne, CEO of Commercial Global Banking at HSBC

In this fireside chat, Vishal Marria, CEO of Quantexa joins Barry O’Byrne, CEO of Commercial Global Banking at HSBC at his office in Central London to discuss how the bank is powering Decision Intelligence to leverage data for good. Barry examines how, in today’s volatile market, increasing regulatory challenges are reinforcing the importance of data and analytics – and how HSBC is adopting technology to remain digitally resilient.

Catch Up:How Decision Intelligence Powers Agile And Proactive Risk Management In Government

with Yannic Hulot, General Advisor at the Belgium Tax Authority

In the penultimate episode of the fireside chat series, Vishal Marria, CEO of Quantexa, touches base with Yannic Hulot, General Advisor at the Belgium Tax Authority to discuss how Decision Intelligence is enabling government organizations to power proactive risk management. By leveraging both internal and external data, Yannic explains how a contextual approach to risk detection is enabling the Belgium Tax Authority to be more agile in its fight against organized crime – and react to risk at speed.

Catch Up: Operationalizing Decision Intelligence Across the Enterprise with BNY Mellon

with Joe Sieczkowski, CIO and Chief Architect at BNY Mellon

In the latest fireside chat, Vishal speaks with Joe Sieczkowski, CIO and Chief Architect at BNY Mellon about the potential AI, Machine Learning and data science have in transforming the enterprise. As more financial service organizations leverage the power of advanced technology to optimize their operations, learn how Decision Intelligence is helping the firm derive the most value from its data – and guarantee the best possible customer experiences.  

The Importance of Decision Intelligence for ESG Governance with KPMG

with Bina Mehta, Chair at KPMG


In the latest fireside chat, Vishal caught up with Bina Mehta, Chair at KPMG to discuss the multifaceted role data plays across the organization – and how the firm is leveraging Decision Intelligence to better manage the risks that come with using data at scale. With data quality and ethics high on boardroom agendas today, explainability, reliability, and transparency have never been more vital.

How Moody’s Corporation is Building Operational Resiliency with Decision Intelligence

with Rob Fauber, President & CEO, Moody’s Coorporation


Vishal sits down with Rob Fauber, CEO and President of Moody’s Corporation to discuss the importance of understanding and monitoring risk in the Financial Services industry. With risk more prevalent across organizations than ever before, addressing and overcoming the challenges that comes with this requires organizations to build operational resiliency.

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Tech For Good: How HSBC Uses Technology To Combat Crime


As one of the largest banks in the world, HSBC owns huge amounts of data – but understanding the networks and relationship within that data can be a challenge. In this episode, Vishal Marria speaks with Jennifer Calvery, Head of Financial Crime at HSBC, to see how the bank is using technology to manage its data effectively and improve financial crime detection to tackle horrific crimes, from terrorist financing and human trafficking.

Tech For Good: How SCB is Revolutionizing Investigations


Enterprises have vast amounts of data but often lack the software to maximize the value of all this information – resulting in missed risk. However, Standard Chartered Bank has made huge strides to harness the power of data to revolutionize financial crime investigations. David Howes, Global Co-Head of FinCrime Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank, shares how the bank is using contextual decision intelligence to enhance investigations.

How Allianz Is Transforming Using Decision Intelligence Technology


With the right technology, insurance firms can maximize the value of data to drive better decisions. In this episode, Vishal Marria speaks with Andrea Pettinelli, CFO at Allianz, to discuss the challenges of adopting technology across the enterprise and the role of data in customer-centricity.

How Danske Bank Is Adopting Data and Analytics Technology


To maximize the value of data, enterprises need to have the right IT infrastructure in place. In this episode, Vishal Marria, CEO at Quantexa, speaks with Bo Svejstrup, CIO at Danske Bank on resolving legacy challenges around data, improving collaboration between business and IT, and the future of cloud adoption.

Creating Value For The Enterprise Using Data


Data is the center of decision-making. In this episode, Vishal Marria, CEO at Quantexa, speaks with Dr Anthony Scriffignano, Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet, on how to overcome common data challenges, as well as the emerging trends in digital resilience, AI and machine learning, and data and analytics.

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