2020 changed many people’s understanding of ‘normality’. It’s simply impossible to conduct a review of 2020 without discussing the global pandemic. Almost two years on, Covid-19 shows no signs of abating, and so we must put measures in place to manage this ‘new normal’.​

Beyond the drastic and sudden impact Covid-19 had on the world in March 2020, we will undoubtedly see long-term changes in the way we live and work. ​

Quantexa has always championed change. As a start-up, we have experienced our fair share of challenges, each offering its own vital lesson. We have since grown from these experiences, and continue to search for new ways to do better. ​

I am very proud of the Quantexa family. The speed at which we adapted to the uncertainties of the global crisis, and the positivity that drove this showed me how well we can work together, whatever the circumstances. I believe our continued success through 2020 and beyond has brought us closer to our clients, partners, and of course, to each other. We will continue to seek, drive and embrace change.​

Our focus on pushing the boundaries of data analytics continues. As we look to reduce the risks around financial crime, we must continue to adapt and work together to allow future generations to prosper and grow as we have.​

The world must understand the importance of sustainability and that it is our shared responsibility. Doing the right thing is consistent with the Quantexa ethos. We believe that by leaning towards a cleaner, better world we will realize that ESG aligned initiatives can be a driver towards positive change and can deliver value, as well as a mitigator of risk. ​

This is our 2021 ESG Report. As part of our ESG Policy we remain committed to the Global Compact and its principles, and we have adopted them as the 10 Quantexa ESG Commandments. I’m pleased to say that we have taken several important steps over the past year, including an update to our internal principles, along with an increased focus on diversity, to allow Quantexa to expand and build a business of the future. This could not – and cannot – be done without our people. They are was makes Quantexa. ​

We recognize that the issues surrounding climate change are urgent and we are therefore committed to our pledge to support the transition to a low-to-zero carbon economy.​

As we look to the future, our vision is to become an environmental leader and voice within the FinTech industry.​

Quantexa is committed to considering the impact of key environmental, social and governance factors in all of our decision-making processes. This starts from decisions made by individuals at Quantexa all the way to the executive board. We all have a role to play.

Vishal Marria

CEO, Quantexa​


Quantexa’s 2021 ESG Report

Read Quantexa’s comprehensive ESG Report on non-financial matters, including material environmental and social topics.

Quantexa at a glance


More than a decade ago, our founders pioneered network analytics. Now, we’ve combined the same innovative approach with the latest data and analytics technology to help organizations identify and connect the relationships that matter the most to empower better operational decisions.​

Our vision at Quantexa is for all organizations to have the ability to harness their data to uncover hidden risks and discover new opportunities. To use data for good across real-world problems.​

Working with us gives you access to world-class specialists and leading-edge contextual decision technology.​

The technology platform we’ve built is sustainable and scalable as part of an industry ecosystem: it evolves with the market. We work with Tier 1 organizations worldwide, like HSBC, and Standard Chartered Bank, helping these businesses handle tens of billions of records.​

With real-time entity resolution, network generation and advanced analytics, we create the context that helps organizations make more informed and accurate decisions – faster.​

Our commitment to change​

ObjectivesKey 2021/2022 achievements 2022 targets
Reduce Quantexa’s carbon footprint, including increasing our recycling efforts, reducing waste, and developing awareness of our green solutions​Working closely with WeWork to monitor and achieve energy reductions and savings across all Quantexa locations

Empowering our teams to make sustainable decisions both at work and at home​​
Assess high carbon emissions within Quantexa’s supply chain​

Encourage a more hybrid working approach for all employees​

Reduce carbon emissions through individual accountability for emissions from business travel​

Further environmental knowledge and positive action through our products and services and, accordingly, conduct our business with the lowest environmental impact​

Encourage our employees to use a more sustainable means of transport when commuting to the office​

Moving to a virtual meeting first working environment 
Promote and support diversity and inclusion within our workplace across all our offices and actively encourage integration​Reviewed how we onboard our colleagues and how they are integrated into the Q environment​

Ensuring all Q socials are fully inclusive and communicated to all staff​

Creation of LGBT+ awareness programs​
Focusing on positive support around mental health and employee wellbeing​

Continual promotion of inclusion, diversity, and respect to provide equality of opportunity and reduce the gender pay gap​

All hiring and promotion decisions will have a D&I lens​
Positively impact our community, its education, and our employees’ wellbeing by offering opportunities and support​We have created a “Give as you Earn Scheme” for all employees​

Created a sponsorship program with a number of universities ​
Continue regular wellbeing seminars around key focus areas and topics and build out discussion forums for education and understanding​

Generating local social value through volunteering and investing in our communities​

Looking after our colleagues and communities during the pandemic​

Creation of apprenticeship and intern schemes 
Meet the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act (“MSA”), mitigate any associated risks, and encourage better behavior within the Quantexa supply chain​Zero tolerance approach to slavery and forced labor in our business or supply chain​Continue to educate employees on how to prevent human trafficking and modern slavery​

Enhancements to the know-your-vendor process to add more assurance​
Continue to improve our approach to ESG, including sharing best practices among our clients, partners, and peers​Publication of our Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy​

Publication of our Carbon Reduction Plan ​
Enterprise Risk Management to underpin our decisions with active accountability and risk assigned risk stewards for all associated ESG related risks​

To support the transition to a net-zero plan and take urgent action to tackle climate change and its impacts

Being an environmental leader

At Quantexa, we recognize the urgent issue of climate change and are committed to our pledge to support the transition to a low-to-zero carbon economy. We are proud to say that Quantexa is well on its way to becoming carbon neutral​

While the Covid-19 pandemic was a testing and for many, devastating, time, the silver lining was that our planet, albeit briefly, was allowed to breathe in light of the suspension of international travel and local restrictions. During the next few years, we expect this to at least partially reverse. ​

We have also taken several steps to strengthen our environmental approach, including forming an internal working group to further enhance our approach to environmental factors such as international and domestic travel.​

Notable actions:​

  • We have created an internal committee whose primary task is to monitor the ESG Policy that has been published.
  • We have enhanced the internal communications program to encourage our people to undertake a deeper understanding and responsibility when it comes to building a more sustainable future.​
  • We are forming a deeper relationship with WeWork to better understand their approach when it comes to environmental, social and governance requirements.
ScopeTotal (tCO2e) FY 2020/2021​
Scope 10 tCO2e
(Stationary Combustion emissions have moved from Scope 1 to Scope 3, Category 8: Upstream Leased Assets.)
Scope 20 tCO2e
(Electricity Use emissions have moved from Scope 2 to Scope 3, Category 8: Upstream Leased Assets.)
Scope 31020 tCO2e
Category 1
Purchased Goods & Services = 893 tCO2e
Category 8
Upstream Leased Assets = 83 tCO2e
Category 7
Employee Commuting = 41 tCO2e
Category 5
Waste Generated in Operations = 2 tCO2e
Category 6
Business Travel = 1 tCO2e
Total tonnes of CO2 (equivalent)1020 tCO2e
kgCO2 (per full-time employees based on 285)357
These emissions were calculated by allocating a percentage (%) of desks to Quantexa as part of the wider WeWork utilities footprint.
It was decided to include Electricity Use and Stationary Combustion emissions in Scope 3 rather than Scope 1 & 2 because Quantexa sub-let all office locations from WeWork.
*The numbers in the table cover only the UK Office.

Carbon Reduction Plan

Quantexa is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050

Promoting and supporting diversity, equality and inclusion​

Quantexa recognizes the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion within all areas, and we are committed to providing an environment in which each employee is recognized, valued, able to fulfill their potential and maximize their contribution.

We appreciate the value and creative potential that individuals of different backgrounds and abilities bring. We work hard to ensure equal treatment in all aspects of working life and an inclusive and supportive culture where differing views and experiences are always respected. We firmly believe that such a culture significantly enhances our ability to provide a quality service to our clients and the sharing of experiences with our colleagues. ​

To attract the best talent, Quantexa uses direct recruitment and trusted third-party recruiters. Our direct recruitment uses platforms such as LinkedIn and Workable, which enables us to reach high-quality candidates outside of our traditional networks.​

When engaging with third-party recruiters, we only work with organizations that share our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we request diverse candidate shortlists and candidate searches across a wide range of non-traditional talent pools. When we do receive less diverse shortlists, we carry out analysis to understand the root causes and improve recruitment approaches without introducing any discrimination.​


Quantexa’s culture is all about putting DATA to work. This is demonstrated through our core values: Determination, Ambition, Teamwork & Accountability. We believe that retaining and attracting talented people from all backgrounds, with differing views and experiences allows us to better serve our colleagues, clients, partners and investors.

Lorraine Metcalf

Chief People Officer, Quantexa

Thank you.


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The information in this report is accurate as of 09 February 2022.

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