Building an online community where customers and partners can go to learn, share and collaborate is vital to supporting today’s work-from-home culture.


To support the world of hybrid working, Quantexa has launched its new online global community site. The Community is a hub where Quantexa team members, customers, and partners can collaborate, find information, and share knowledge on best practices, and technical discussions.


Introducing The Quantexa Community

The Quantexa Community is a global professional network built to bring Quantexa users together, where they can stay up to date, ask questions and network with peers.

Built to encourage meaningful interactions and engagements among members, the Community Library includes access to:

  • Technical best practice guides, shared knowledge and success stories
  • Tailored training and certification paths built by Quantexa’s subject matter experts
  • Opportunities to share and upvote ideas for Quantexa’s future product roadmap.



The Benefits of Online Communities

More than 85% of Fortune 500 companies rely on their communities to identify customer needs.

The Quantexa Community is an online destination for real people. This virtual hub will play a significant part in how our customers and partners engage with Quantexa. By breaking down the traditional one-way exchange of information and opening up communication, we aim to deliver increased value to our customers and partners by providing support, recognition and connection.

Our focus remains on maximizing the ROI for our customers and partners and our new community site supports this continued effort. We are excited to give the teams working with our Decision Intelligence Platform an opportunity to interact with each other, continued structured learning opportunities, and a place to collaborate.

Laura Hutton, CCO of Quantexa


You can read the full press release announcing the launch of the Quantexa Community here.

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