When Vishal Marria founded Quantexa in 2016, his vision was to create a data and analytics software company that solved complex data challenges for organizations around the world. Today, almost seven years later, we have offices in eight countries across the globe – from New York and London, to the UAE.


Now, we’re opening the doors to something totally unique – our Technology & Analytics Hub. Set in the very heart of Malaga’s thriving Tech Park, this new tech facility offers best-in-class services and is central to Quantexa’s continued growth.


Landing in Malaga  

As one of the UK’s fastest growing technology organizations, Quantexa’s Technology & Analytics hub will provide R&D and professional services capabilities to support customer implementations of our Decision Intelligence Platform across continental Europe. We felt the area was a natural fit for us and the type of work we are doing. That’s why, after evaluating 21 counties in Europe and 10 cities in Spain, we landed firmly on Malaga.


In recent years, the region has invested in nurturing and growing its world-class data and analytics talent and is now home to six out of the 10 top universities for Data Science. The responsiveness of local universities also played a key part in luring us into the area; we are looking to sponsor programs and connect on joint research programs with these trailblazing institutes. 



The Office of the Future

Perhaps what we’re most excited about as we open the doors to our new office is the way the space has been designed.


In the post-Covid world, the office is no longer a place where you simply go to sit at a desk and do your daily work. The office of the future is a place you go to collaborate and co-create. We have invested heavily in creating an environment which has been optimized to promote innovation. This includes spaces optimized to support deep thinking and focused work time, ample space for socialising, break-out areas, and an auditorium for presentations.


We’ve worked with an award-winning firm to create a social and collaborative space, which is now the basis for all the other Quantexa offices around the world.


Malaga Tech Park, a unique space that spans 21.5 million square feet of innovation, will not only support us in getting closer to our customers and partners, but it also meets our employees’ expectations for a more collaborative and agile working environment.


The Office of the Future



We’re incredibly excited to join the thriving tech ecosystem of the Malaga Valley. The region is a perfect fit with our vision to work with international talent. Having heavily invested in supporting the next generation, we need to focus on driving scale and innovation through our Decision Intelligence Platform to our customers across all key verticals. As a base for our Spanish entity – and with a workforce of nearly 23,000 people – Malaga Tech Park, which spans 21.5 million square feet of innovation, will support us in getting closer to our customers and partners as we serve the region. It’s our ambition to make this a unique space that meets employees’ expectations for a more collaborative and agile working environment.

Vishal Marria, CEO and Founder of Quantexa 

You can read the full press announcement on the launch of our Technology & Analytics Hub here.

Our New Technology & Analytics Hub is Hiring for Roles in R&D and Delivery 

Want to join a rapidly expanding technology firm and work from our unique state-of-the-art hub in Malaga’s thriving tech park? Explore our job openings today.

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