Partner Governance

Partners engage through their Quantexa Alliance Business Manager directly with Quantexa Field Sales Reps and their accounts.

Alliances will make introductions for Partners to then engage in select joint sales opportunities by region.

Other joint commitments include: 

Deal Notification:

Partner-notified opportunities are given priority and support over other partnerships to win and close the opportunity.

Sales Leads:

Partners agree to provide monthly updates to their Alliance Managers on
jointly developed leads created through disqualification or win closure.

Pipeline Opportunities:

Partners are expected to jointly share and work identified pipeline opportunities and keep loyal to each other once the opportunity is generated or agreement to pursue is reached.

Quarterly Business Reviews:

Partners agree to meet and review quarterly our joint Strategic GTM KPI and business opportunities. Both partners will have executive representation attend these important review updates.

Executive Management:

Strategic Partnerships will have executive sponsors on each side of the relationship to help drive and promote the business relationship forward throughout their company. A regular cadence of updates will be defined and agreed upon.