Leave no stone unturned

Our user interface (UI) makes sense of huge volumes of data, surfacing the most important connections so you can understand the context created. Integrated with our entity resolution, network generation and analytics framework capabilities, it:


  • Supports fast, collaborative referred decisions where analytics has flagged key items for review within their network context
  • Allows ad-hoc user-driven search and exploration to deep dive into an area of interest.

See our user interface in action

Visualize and explore your data

Network visualization

See context instantly. Perform investigations and discovery in a knowledge graph view, and make faster, more accurate decisions.


  • Create investigations to search, dynamically build networks, discover insights, and save key information to export for reports.
  • See clear, analytically derived descriptions highlighting important characteristics updated in real-time.
  • Add information and links to share with teams, check external watchlists and analyze shortest paths.
Network Visualization

Flexible search and discovery

Search for any customer or entity of interest like you’re using a search engine. Easily query big data sets to uncover themes and trends as a starting point to analyze further in a network view. All in one, integrated UI.


Gain a deeper understanding of customer activity with:

  • Interactive visual dashboards, charts and visualizations
  • A powerful query builder to slice and dice data
  • Anomaly detection that highlights records of interest from thousands of records.
Explore your data with interactive dashboards

Adding context helps your organization make better decisions

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Use our visualization and exploration capabilities to:

Search for any customer or entity of interest like you’re using a search engine.

Support thousands of end users with the browser-based interface.

See a timeline of how the network has formed, view data on maps, and drill down into any data item.

Visualize networks with entities and links, and see the source data records.

See why records have been brought together to represent an entity.

Control visibility by removing or redacting data from users who shouldn’t see it.

Implement strong governance with a full history, audit trail and snapshot of networks and investigations at any point in time.

Highlight risks or opportunities on network diagrams based on scoring models run in real-time.

Why use the Quantexa platform

Build Once, Use Many, Ingest to Create a Single View with Networks

Apply your data to multiple use cases—without replicating data sets.

Make Faster, More Accurate Decisions

Use context to improve decision accuracy across the organization, find new opportunities and uncover risk.

Scale to Billions of Records in Batch or Real-time

Built on proven, scalable open-source technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Elastic.

Future-proofed Open Architecture

Integrate seamlessly into your existing IT ecosystem, with flexible deployment options: native, or containerized for private and public cloud.

Ensure Data Transparency

Use explainable data linking, advanced AI and decision models for regulatory compliance.

Keep Data Secure

Rely on granular security levels for dynamic control, with all activity audited.

Speedy Time-to-value

Operationalize your data in a matter of months – not years.

Overcome Data
Quality Issues

Use entity resolution and data volume to overcome missing or poor quality data.

Book a demo and find hidden connections in your data

See how our network visualization can help your organization uncover new opportunities and identify hidden risk.

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