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Quantexa Expands Partnership with Google Cloud by Announcing Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace

Apr 17th, 2023

The partnership enables customers to quickly deploy Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence solutions globally on Google Cloud’s secure and sustainable infrastructure

London, April, 17, 2023 – Quantexa, a global leader in Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, has announced the global availability of its Decision Intelligence Platform and solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace, making it simple for global enterprise customers to trust their data and make quicker and more informed decisions to protect, optimize, and grow their business.

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform gives organizations in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and the public sector the ability to connect their data across siloed systems, create context and visualize complex relationships for accurate operational decision-making. The result is a single view of data that becomes a trusted and reusable resource across the organization. The following Quantexa Decision Intelligence solutions are now available on Google Cloud Marketplace:

Data Management: Build a trusted data foundation to maximize value from your data.

Customer Intelligence: Build a 360-degree view of customers to accelerate growth and enhance CX.

Know Your Customer (KYC): Leverage a rich single client view for better, automated and faster decision-making throughout the customer lifecycle.

Financial Crime: Power faster and more accurate monitoring and investigations.

Fraud & Security: Detect and investigate hidden fraud risk faster.

Risk: Make more accurate lending decisions with improved risk management and resiliency.

Google Cloud Marketplace allows businesses to easily find, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud, enabling them to scale operations, lower costs, and streamline infrastructure while ensuring security, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Through the global reach of Google Cloud Marketplace, resellers and system integrators will be able to better package up their offerings with Quantexa, supporting commercial and management efforts to drive better outcomes for customers.

Organizations choose Quantexa to establish efficiency and business resiliency through confident decision-making. By integrating Quantexa’s DI Platform into their private cloud environment, customers will be able to capture performance metrics directly, allowing them to retrieve and connect data, and unlock enhanced project insights at every step of their cloud journey.

Mark McNerney, SVP Quantexa Alliance Sales, said: “We are delighted to be expanding our relationship with Google Cloud and to unify the scalability and performance of our Decision Intelligence Platform with Google Cloud’s powerful Marketplace. Being on Google Cloud Marketplace allows Quantexa to engage in even more effective collaboration with our joint customers and partners, and brings greater value for them via packaged assessments, workshops, proof of concepts and more, to support customers wherever they are in the world, on their journey to the cloud.”

Toby Brown, Managing Director, Global Retail Banking Solutions, Google Cloud, said: “Maintaining cloud security across the full application lifecycle is a top business priority for organizations,” said Toby Brown, Managing Director, Global Retail Banking Solutions, Google Cloud. “With Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to quickly deploy technologies that produce data-driven insights to drive better business decisions.”

As an added benefit, customers will also benefit from simplified monthly billing and count any spend on Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence solutions towards their Google Cloud committed spend. The news of this expanded partnership comes just two years after Quantexa was awarded the Google Cloud Partner of the Year award in financial services.

To learn more about how the Google Cloud and Quantexa partnership is enabling Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Public Sector organizations to drive mission-critical decision-making, visit our page.

About Quantexa

Quantexa is a global data and analytics software company pioneering Decision Intelligence that empowers organizations to make trusted operational decisions by making data meaningful. Using the latest advancements in big data and AI, Quantexa’s platform uncovers hidden risk and new opportunities by providing a contextual, connected view of internal and external data in a single place. It solves major challenges across data management, KYC, customer intelligence, financial crime, risk, fraud, and security, throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform enhances operational performance with over 90% more accuracy and 60 times faster analytical model resolution than traditional approaches. Founded in 2016, Quantexa now has more than 550+ employees and thousands of users working with billions of transactions and data points across the world. The company has offices in London, New York, Boston, Toronto, Malaga, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxemburg, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, and the UAE. For more information, follow us on LinkedIn.

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