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Quantexa Joins Award-Winning Innovation Center Tomorrow Street

Oct 8th, 2020

Quantexa, the Contextual Decision Intelligence software company, will join Tomorrow Street, the award-winning Luxembourg-based innovation center.

Quantexa’s pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence platform maximizes the value of data and transforms decision making across the customer lifecycle for enterprises to improve efficiency and maximize infrastructure investments.

Quantexa has clients across several industries including banking, insurance, telco, and government. The company’s technology helps clients to improve operational decisions in a number of areas – from identifying anti-money laundering and fraud to improving customer intelligence and lowering credit risk.

“Quantexa’s technology provides powerful insights to businesses by identifying relationships between entities and hidden links between data sets,” said Kenneth Graham, CEO of Tomorrow Street. “Tomorrow Street and Quantexa’s partnership will introduce its dynamic platform to our global partners and their customers.”

Vishal Marria, CEO of Quantexa, said: “We are delighted to be joining Tomorrow Street as part of our commitment to growth across Europe. As part of their innovation ecosystem, we are able to empower their global network of customers and partners with more accurate and efficient decision-making using Contextual Decision Intelligence.”

Quantexa recently raised US$64.7 million in Series C funding and will work together with Tomorrow Street to accelerate its growth, offering its leading-edge Contextual Decision Intelligence platform to new business customers.

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