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Quantexa 2: A simpler way to transform data into intelligence

We exist to help organizations make trusted decisions, while simplifying the complexity that comes with analyzing billions of data points.


We’re always looking to make life easier for our users. We want to streamline deployment, support data scientists and developers, and empower our end-users. That way you can take the shortest route to your desired outcome.


The latest version of our platform—Quantexa 2—is the next step on this journey. We’ve introduced powerful new capabilities that give users more control and functionality, while reducing friction and boosting efficiency.


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What’s new?


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Streamlined deployment

Intuitive tools that help you get up and running without external support or an army of highly skilled developers.


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Effortless data exploration

A suite of features that simplify key tasks and allow users to explore data the way they want to.


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Streamlined deployment



We’ve made it easier than ever to get up and running with our platform by empowering developers and data scientists to work smarter, not harder.

Key capabilities

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Rapid data ingestion

Data onboarding can be a complex, time-consuming task and most systems force you to use their own fixed data model.


Our data ingestion tool—Fusion—solves these problems. We’re introducing a no-code UI to feed data into our platform, removing the need for complex coding while still allowing you to use your existing data model.


This accelerates the whole process. And the faster your developers can get data into our system, the faster you can realize ROI.

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Contextual analytics made simple

There’s always an element of data engineering involved in any analytics initiative, but we’re on a mission to reduce this workload and strip out complexity. That way your people can spend more time analyzing data and less time engineering.


Our new and improved capability—Assess —includes a suite of intuitive visualization, testing, and troubleshooting tools that empower data scientists to build and maintain their own models with ease. These tools take the headache out of dependency management and give full visibility into the data, meaning models can be deployed in record time. Plus, they only need to write rules once to deploy in both batch and dynamic architectures.

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Effortless data exploration



How you explore data depends on the task at hand so no single visualization will serve every use case. Our new user interface allows our people to explore data the way you want to. The upshot? A better experience, increased efficiency and greater user adoption.

Key features

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Macro/Micro Perspectives

Navigating the relationships between data points can get complicated, fast. Our Perspectives feature automatically simplifies networks to expose key information. You can move seamlessly between simplified and detailed views to get different angles on crucial insights.

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One tab to rule them all

Our platform has always allowed users to explore tasks, scores and networks in one system. Now, we’re bringing all of this into just one place with a multi-panel view, so you can spend less time clicking and more time working on what matters. And with everything in one place it’s easier to spot insights and stay focused.

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Contextual Search for unstructured data


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Contextual Search for unstructured data

Searching unstructured data can be a fruitless exercise that turns up many false positives. This is especially true if you’re using non-specific search terms like people or businesses with a common name.


Our new product module—Contextual Search—solves this problem. By applying context to searches, you now have a much better chance of finding that needle in a haystack.


We use networks to make sure results include not only your subject of interest but also valuable context, such as their locations, associated companies, or linked individuals. This increases match accuracy and relevancy and eliminates false positives.


Contextual Search is the perfect tool for investigators performing negative news analysis with external data as part of EDD investigations, or for automatically searching your own internal data, even when unstructured, such as case files or intelligence reports.

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The fundamentals of our platform

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