Situational awareness in a changing world

Guide to Adapt your Business Using Situational Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shock to our global economy that will likely reverberate for years to come. Financial institutions that rapidly adjust to the changing world by developing situational awareness will be able to make better decisions, remain resilient and overcome the short-term and longer-term challenges stemming from COVID-19.


You’ll learn…
  • Why situational awareness is critical to adapting to market change and what steps you should take to achieve it
  • The risk and opportunities currently faced by financial institutions across multiple business lines, including credit risk, fraud, KYC, AML and customer intelligence
  • How to build customer context to achieve a single view and better understand your commercial customers


What’s inside?
  1. How to navigate uncertain times
    Learn why you need to act now to adapt to a rapidly changing world
  2. Deep dive into processes under strain
    Business processes across the customer lifecycle are facing new risk and opportunities, including credit risk, fraud, KYC, AML and customer intelligence
  3. Steps towards situational awareness
    Find out how to improve your IT systems and decision making with a contextual approach to data
  4. Recommendations for overcoming the impact of COVID-19
    Rather than throwing resources at the problem, discover other options to augment operational processes.

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