Celent Report: Quantexa’s Contextual Monitoring Solution

A new paradigm in transaction monitoring powered by entity resolution and network analytics

Financial crime compliance (FCC) technology is rapidly evolving with the emergence of new and innovative solutions. However, most of the innovation efforts to date have focused on augmenting the detection engines, while the core detection systems have seen limited innovation.


That’s why Quantexa has developed a new approach: Contextual Monitoring, which marks a paradigm shift in how transaction monitoring (TM) is conducted.


Download the report to discover how Quantexa’s Contextual Monitoring solution is revolutionizing the detection and prevention of financial crime and fraud.



What is a Contextual Monitoring Approach?

A key feature of Quantexa’s approach in TM is its focus on analyzing relationships, which is a radical departure from the conventional approach of analyzing only transaction values and volume. The Quantexa approach is thus designed to find suspicious activities in networks of entities rather than just transactional data.


Contextual Monitoring uses more data to construct a fuller view of the customer and its connections and drives contextual analysis by focusing on relationships.


Contextual Monitoring benefits include:

  • Helps in risk mitigation
  • Improves efficiencies by generating fewer alerts
  • Reduces high volume of false positives
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Overcomes poor data quality by applying entity resolution
  • Provides a holistic view of entities thanks to network generation capabilities

What’s Inside the Report?

In this exclusive Celent report, discover how Quantexa’s Contextual Monitoring approach – underpinned by entity resolution and network analysis techniques – is revolutionizing traditional transaction monitoring, resulting in fewer false positives, improved efficiency, and increased productivity.


Download the report today and unlock insight into:

  • The four modules designed for financial crime risk management purposes: Entity Resolution, Network Generation, Advanced Analytics and Quantexa Explorer (UI) – and how they work.
  • The key ideas and differentiating features behind Quantexa’s Contextual Monitoring approach.
  • Real-world case studies highlighting the promising results from Quantexa’s client journeys and pilot projects.

Construct a fuller view of your customers and their connections by leveraging the power of your data – today.

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