How Decision Intelligence Is Helping Telecommunications Reinvent the Industry

Telco organizations must adjust their strategies for growth in response to economic pressures, highly competitive marketplaces, and supply-chain challenges. Increasingly high customer acquisition and retention costs are dictating the need for customer-centricity and a data-driven strategy to stay competitive.

With Decision Intelligence, telcos can bridge the gap between guessing at customers’ wants and needs, and knowing specifically how to put plans into action to service those needs. This knowledge and confidence starts with trusted data, which empowers telcos to make effective decisions to meet market challenges and claim a leadership role in the fast-paced telecommunications economy.

In this ebook, you’ll learn about the complex pressures driving change in the industry, and how telco leaders are using Decision Intelligence to:

  • Grow EBIT through new revenue

  • Enhance customer experience

  • Reduce OPEX bills

  • Mitigate commercial risk

  • Eliminate legacy drag and multiple data silos

Telcos that adopt the Quantexa Digital Intelligence Platform can use data to grow, optimize, and protect their valuable data resources— transforming in response to new market demands, improving the customer experience, empowering change, and preventing fraud.