Digital Transformation to the Cloud - A Technology Perspective


About this webinar

As more and more Banks & Financial institutions progress on their Digital Transformation journey – our panel will discuss some of the challenges companies are facing around harnessing the power of their data to drive trusted operational decision-making.

We’ll look at some of the technologies that are helping them to achieve Decision Intelligence, make better informed decisions, overcome the data-decision gap challenge, and leverage Google cloud capabilities. On this event, you’ll hear insights from two technology leaders – Google Cloud & Quantexa, as well as information around some joint customer's who are leveraging both.

  • How the data-decision gap affects C-suite level decision-gap affects C-suite level decision-makers

  • Why contextual insight is so important

  • How to connect the dots from disparate data 

  • The benefits of leveraging Google for Cloud transformations

  • The benefits of leveraging Google for Cloud transformations

  • Whether most transformations today are hybrid to truly going fully Cloud

  • A customer perspective on what it means to have a single customer view of data

  • The benefits realized from customers' Quantexa/Google solution environment

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