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Data in Context: Closing the Data Decision Gap [Global Research]

90% of global organizations struggle with data despite increased focus during the pandemic.


Organizations often can’t trust the data they have to support their strategic and operational decisions. This is the data decision gap. And its choking the value out of enterprise data assets.


Quantexa surveyed 750 IT and Data decision-makers across North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, posing questions around the quality of data, its usefulness in decision-making and the effectiveness of current approaches.


Download this global research report to understand how you can make the most of your data and overcome data management problems using contextual decision intelligence.


This global research benchmarking study explores:

    • Why organizations struggle to make trusted data-driven decisions
    • How automation can help drive better decisions
    • Ways organizations can build a strong data foundation to improve business resilience
    • How to use context to manage data better
    • A useful roadmap to closing the data decision gap


Without a meaningful data foundation, organizations can’t trust their own data.

From poor data quality, to disparate silos, and an abundance of duplicates, enterprise datasets can be very confusing. 42% of operational decision can’t be confidently automated due to a lack of a strong data foundation.


The Data Decision Gap happens when datasets are inaccurate and incomplete, which means it’s hard for organizations to fully trust their data.

The cornerstone of effective data management is solving the single view problem. And this can only happen by building context.


Drive Contextual Decision Intelligence with the Data Maturity Model


Enterprise data approaches must be imbued with context for decisions to be accurate and trustworthy. Using Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI), organizations can build a strong data foundation.


CDI is the approach to decision management that adds context to data analysis by connecting every datapoint, internal or external, to all others in the organization. Upon this connected data foundation, decision-makers have a single view of customers and counterparties from which they can extract real-world intelligence.


Download the report to where you are on the journey to closing the data decision gap and what actionable steps you can take today to make trusted, efficient and intelligent decisions.

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