Supply Chain in Telecoms: How a Single Supplier View Can Help Understand Risks and Ethics in Context

About this webinar

The scale of capital spend in the Telecom industry is vast - the estimate from IDC in 2022 was over $330 bn. But not only is it the scale that raises serious financial and non-financial risks in sourcing, but also the geographies and socio-economic nuances that come with them as well as a wide array of products and services: from access networks and transport networks to IT infrastructure and software. 

The main challenge we see is truly understanding one’s supply chain and being able to detect integrity risks in a timely manner. 

In this Webinar you’ll learn: 

  • What type of risks in the supply chain Telecoms should be looking at 

  • What are the current macro factors influencing fraud 

  • How data can be leveraged to reduce risks in the supply chain 

  • Ways to get started today 

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