HSBC AML case study

HSBC Anti-Money Laundering Case Study: Big Data

HSBC AML Case Study: 


In March 2018, HSBC launched a Global Social Network Analytics platform to tackle financial crimes like money laundering, human trafficking and terrorist financing. This platform provides a comprehensive view of the bank’s customers through entity resolution and network analytics to leverage data dynamically, empowering the investigators to identify financial activity.


How Quantexa helps HSBC to intelligently detect and disrupt illicit activity

By creating a holistic view of the customer through its proprietary software, Quantexa’s platform provides the bank with the ability to analyse data in an innovative, dynamic manner. As a result, investigators can find previously unidentified risk and suspicious customer activities and relationships.


What insights has Quantexa helped HSBC uncover?

By enriching customer data with external sources, HSBC has been able to:

  • Identify patterns and potential criminal activity in broader networks that might not be possible with legacy systems
  • Identify financial crime threats to the bank and the broader financial system
  • Build networks to form a complete, holistic view of its customers
  • Build networks to identify potential illicit activity among customers and their counterparties

Download this HSBC AML case study to find out how our entity resolution and network analytics technology helped HSBC to tackle financial crime.

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