IDC Report: Maximize Your Decision Intelligence by Analyzing Contextual Data

Only 10% of data deemed potentially useful by enterprises is actually being analyzed today. With the right technology, organizations can harness the value of their huge volumes of data.


Making good operational decisions based on trusted and connected data is key for the 21st-century company. But even after decades of improvement in decision intelligence and support technologies, and the increasing availability of comprehensive data resources, IDC’s latest research indicates that the degree of success in deriving return on investment by achieving quantifiable business goals, including decision making, is extremely variable.


To achieve a high level of operational business value from analytics, the ability to create a single entity view across an entire enterprise is critical to understanding relationships and behaviors in data. Using entity resolution to provide a single view of huge volumes of internal and external data enables decision-makers to overcome major obstacles to data-driven decision intelligence. By adopting best practices for Big Data, AI, and analytics, companies can make accurate and faster operational decisions to become more agile and competitive.


What you’ll learn

  • Leverage entity resolution to connect internal and external data sources and provide a single analytical view that overcomes data quality issues plaguing traditional matching approaches.
  • Use graph technology to help identify meaningful network links between integrated data sets such as people, companies, events, and locations, dynamically and in real time, to provide actionable decision-making insight.
  • Reliably automate operational decision-making with contextual decision intelligence, using entity resolution and networks for meaningful organizational uplift and reduced manual overhead.


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