Identifying Risks and Fraud in Commercial Lending


About this webinar

In the last few years, Governments introduced large amounts of money into their economies and as these support programs scale back, an increase in credit defaults is materializing.

Financial institutions are now also looking at multiple channels of investment for growth and wider adoption of digital channels, so it is critical that credit and fraud risk assessments evolve to protect against new vulnerabilities.

While there is a greater need to have comprehensive fraud analytics, traditional processes cannot identify complex or network-based risks. Innovative, next-generation technologies that use context to provide a holistic view of risk are essential for financial institutions as they adapt and enhance their ability to manage lending portfolios.

In this webinar, hear from Quantexa and HSBC about:

  • The current state of the lending market

  • The importance of technology

  • Coverage in credit, reputation, with fraud risk

  • The trends for the year ahead

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