Banks around the world continue to struggle with complexities and inefficiencies in the know-your-customer (KYC) process, particularly for their corporate clients, who can have several subsidiaries, beneficial owners and hierarchies, business lines, and regional operations.

Next-generation technologies, such as Quantexa’s Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) platform, which leverages entity resolution and network analysis is bringing about a paradigm shift by powering contextual, automated, and intelligent identification of risky individuals, entities, and transactions, and visually revealing their connections and networks to enable banks like ABN AMRO to make more informed operational decisions at speed and at scale.

In this video, hear Paul Weststrate (Product Owner, ABN AMRO) discuss the initiative – and the impressive results the bank reaped by deploying Quantexa’s advanced technology solution.

Learn how ABN AMRO overcame inefficient KYC processes using context

Read the in-depth case study to explore how an automated approach to KYC has improved efficiency for ABN AMRO, while enhancing productivity, and enabling the bank to detect hidden risks faster, and more accurately.

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