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    | Quantexa
    How To Detect Insurance Fraud Threats [Infographic]

    Throughout the pandemic, the threat of fraud
    and scams has intensified as the global economy
    continues to struggle and financial pressures grow. Find out how automated fraud detection can help insurers save from losses.

    | Quantexa
    IDC Report: Maximize Your Decision Intelligence by Analyzing Contextual Data

    By adopting best practices for AI and analytics, companies can enable data-driven decision intelligence to become more agile and competitive.

    | Quantexa
    The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Anti-Money Laundering Regulations [Infographic]

    The consequences for non-compliance with anti-money laundering regulations are severe. See a snapshot of regulations and AML enforcement actions in 2018-2019 in this infographic.

    | Quantexa
    Raising the Bar of AML Detection and Investigations with Contextual Decision Intelligence [Aite Impact Report]

    Financial institutions across the globe are facing increasing and evolving money laundering and financial crime threats. Regulators have imposed a […]

    | Quantexa
    7 Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Data with Contextual Decision Intelligence

    Find out the seven critical steps to successfully becoming a data-driven organization through decision intelligence.

    | Quantexa
    How to Generate Commercial Value Through Customer Intelligence

    Customer intelligence is critical for business success. Learn how to harness the power of customer context to generate commercial value.

    | Quantexa
    Using Contextual KYC to Better Understand Your Customers

    With laborious onboarding, refresh and remediation processes, the challenge of KYC compliance is continuously growing. Find out how a contextual approach helps you to reduce the time and cost of KYC by increasing automation and leveraging decision intelligence for continual monitoring.

    | Quantexa
    IDC: Achieving Greater Business Value Through Data Using Decision Intelligence Based on Context

    Download the topline Infobrief from IDC, which introduces their latest research and analysis on how companies can successfully build contextual data platforms to extract significant business value.

    | Quantexa
    Raising the Bar of AML Technology at HSBC with Contextual Decision Intelligence

    In this webinar, leaders from Quantexa, Aite Group, and HSBC explore next generation AML technology and how organizations can transition away from manual processes and legacy systems.

    | Quantexa
    Continuous KYC: A data-led approach that helps you find real risks in real time

    Join us and Accenture to hear how a continuous, dynamic and technology-led approach to ongoing KYC monitoring can help reduce the overall burden of KYC activities and help financial institutions to more effectively detect risk in their customer book.

    | Imam Hoque
    How to Adapt to a Changing World Using Situational Awareness

    Financial institutions that rapidly adjust to the changing world by developing situational awareness will be able to make better decisions, remain resilient and overcome the short-term and longer-term challenges stemming from COVID-19.