Monetizing Insurance Data Analytics with Decision Intelligence

The world is a series of networks and this should be accounted for in your decisioning by monetizing insurance data analytics. By de-duplicating your internal data records and enriching it with external data sources, you can create a connected customer view across your firm. Quantexa’s advanced network analytics empowers you to discover and understand relevant relationships to reveal the hidden risk and opportunities across multiple insurance functions.


The real-time capability of our contextual decision intelligence platform means real-time fraud scores can be calculated at the point of claim notification or policy inception. But the benefits aren’t limited to reducing fraud-related losses. Understanding your customer’s context in real time using insurance data analytics can offer additional features as an input into the pricing models, as well as enable dynamic pricing at the point a customer visits a website.


Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • How to leverage your existing data and enrich with external data to generate the context needed for true decision intelligence
  • The steps your IT and CDO functions will need to take to build a successful intelligence platform with insurance data analytics
  • The benefits of deploying Contextual Decision Intelligence in your insurance firm to support multiple lines of business


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