Myth Busting in Government: No Need for Entity Resolution?


About this webinar

There's no need for Entity Resolution when you have traditional record matching, right?

Watch this webinar to learn what Entity Resolution is and why it is mission-critical for Government regulators and agencies.

Our experts will reveal the truth behind the misconception that "Entity Resolution is just traditional record matching", comparing and contrasting it with traditional matching techniques to showcase its undeniable significance.

We will also demonstrate how Entity Resolution serves as a game-changing foundation for a multitude of applications such as enhanced fraud detection, improved decision-making, increased data quality, and more efficient operations, all of which are hallmarks of effective government administration.

This webinar will:

  • Unravel the false belief that Entity Resolution is synonymous with Traditional Record Matching, and reveal its true essence

  • Explain the key differentiators that set Entity Resolution apart from traditional matching techniques

  • Show how Entity Resolution is the cornerstone for various applications, elevating the possibilities of data management and helping Government agencies achieve operational efficiency

  • Exhibit the consequences of overlooking Entity Resolution through impactful real-world examples

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