Myth Busting in Government: A Little Fraud Is OK, Right?


About this webinar

Learn how to reduce fraud without sacrificing the citizen experience. 

In this webinar, we'll challenge the long-held views that there is a trade-off between fraud detection and citizen experience and that a bit of fraud is acceptable when delivering urgent payments and programs. 
Our experts will show how using context provided by a modern Decision Intelligence Platform can help Government agencies reduce payment risk, speed up decisions and provide better service to citizens, all without sacrificing the integrity of payments and programs. 
Join this webinar to learn how your agency can avoid the perceived trade-off between speed of service and integrity, to deliver effective and sustainable government services.

Our experts will delve into some real events and cases to address important questions including:

  • Is it really just a little bit of fraud?

  • How even just a “little bit” of fraud can have significant consequences

  • Do stolen stimulus payments really remain in Australia?

  • What are stolen funds being used for? And how can they impact Australia’s security?

  • How modern technology can reduce fraud AND improve citizen experience

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