Set up to defraud or defraud to survive?


About this webinar

In this webinar, Holly Miller - Head of Fraud Solutions APAC at Quantexa, explains more about the current fraud scenario in APAC—from major corporate failures to how fraud occurs and how to prevent it. 

What you will learn:

  • A spotlight on APAC major corporate fraud and credit risk failures to prevent fraud and lessons learnt

  • How Quantexa’s powerful Entity Resolution and Graph Analytics can help to detect and fight fraud, plus the secret behind context, technology, and advanced analytics 

  • The main challenges and limitations to identifying and preventing fraud 

  • The fraudsters playbook: methods that organizations use to commit fraud and how to identify them 

The webinar also includes tips to help firms navigate the complex landscape of fraud, learn from the failures of other corporations, and set up their organizations for success using innovation and technology. 

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