Using Tax Data Analytics for Maximum Impact in Tax Authorities

Data is rapidly becoming vital in the global economy, likely to become an asset that most economic activity will depend on within a few years. This major revolution in tax data analytics and AI is reshaping how organizations conduct people-intensive decision-making. Find out how you can overcome challenges that hamper projects and understand the necessary steps required to become a truly data-driven organization.

You’ll learn…
  • What the adoption of analytical techniques and AI looks like in practice and the rate of adoption across the industry
  • The crucial components of next generation Decision Intelligence capabilities and how this has been applied to a real case study
  • Understand the steps required to make the most of AI-based decisioning and tax data analytics
  • How to adopt the correct flexible approach to fit your organization’s architecture
What’s inside?
  1.  The acceleration of Decision Intelligence adoption
    We share our insights on how the industry is rapidly innovating in response to the new economic currency; data
  2.  Use cases of intelligence capabilities and data sources
    As the model is a crucial component of a decision intelligence capability, we show you how tax data analytics and AI is embedded
  3.  Best practice and the value of cloud-based approaches
    Learn how using an intelligence system has enabled organizations to be successful in harnessing the value of data
  4.  Why you should adopt Contextual Decision Intelligence
    Find out how the contextual model can be integrated in real time to bridge the data-decision gap and offer continuous improvement for your organization. 

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