Criminals Are Using Your Dream Home To Clean Dirty Money

5th of December 2018 - Jade Thomas
Following a sudden increase in transactions from offshore companies back in 2015, the National Crime Agency warned that foreign criminals were using the UK property market to launder their dirty money. But three years on, we still have good reason to believe that this behavior continues to occur. The property sector is immune to sanctions and […] more



Criminals Are Using Your Favorite Apps to Launder Money

1st of May 2018 - Jade Thomas
With the advent of online platforms came fraudulent schemes used to scam people out of their money, hack accounts and defraud internet users. The proliferation of peer-to-peer websites, online banking and cryptocurrencies is now having a huge impact on the ways criminals launder the proceeds of their crimes. How Do Criminals ‘Clean’ Dirty Money? Modern […] more



We Need to Look at The Whole Picture When it Comes to AML

17th of April 2018 - Jade Thomas
2017 saw several of the UK’s top tier banks get accused of inadvertently facilitating the laundering of enormous sums of money thought to be linked to crime rings and corrupt officials. Much of the media furor surrounding the scandals criticized the UK for being a target for international criminals looking to turn the profits of […] more



Why Are Banks Becoming More Susceptible to Money Laundering?

3rd of November 2017 - quantexa
Financial crime, especially money laundering, remains a complex issue for financial institutions to tackle. All banks have Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems in place, yet global money laundering transactions are still estimated at 2 to 5 per cent of global GDP –   US$800 million and US$2 trillion – but only 1 per cent are seized by […] more
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