| Alan Haskins
The Ethics and Use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Fighting Insurance Fraud  

Discover how insurers can leverage innovative technology to enable better, more ethical, and more intelligent decisions.

| Quantexa
Transforming KYC Investigations with ABN AMRO [Video]

In this video, unlock the impressive results ABN AMRO reaped by deploying Quantexa’s advanced technology solution into their KYC processes.

| Alan Haskins
How Insurance Firms Can Identify and Prevent Towing Scams and Vehicle Crime

Discover how Insurers can detect & prevent towing scams and organized vehicle crime with advanced analytics.

| Quantexa
InsurTech Trends for 2022 [Video]

In this video, recap on the events that took the Insurance industry by storm in 2021 – and what the industry can expect to see more of in the year ahead.

| Christopher Sanders
Delivering Hyper-Personalization Within Insurance

Find out how insurers, re-insurers and brokers can deliver more hyper-personalized customer experiences using advanced technology.

| Ross Aubrey
Leveraging Meta Data for Holistic Monitoring of Employee Behavior

Find out more about our holistic surveillance & trader supervision capabilities to effectively monitor employee conduct and behavior.

| Alan Haskins
Preventing Third-Party Insurance Fraud with Advanced Analytics

Explore the scalable technology solutions that are helping insurers attain a full picture of risk – and protecting customers from fraudsters.

| Alex Johnson
Revolutionizing Digital Underwriting with Contextual Customer Insight

No function is more essential for success in the insurance industry than underwriting. Learn how insurers can bring data to the center of their business by harnessing the power of new data-driven and connected decision ecosystems.

investment fraud
| Ross Aubrey
Overcoming Investment Fraud with New Technology Solutions

Since the infamous Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, financial institutions are turning to fraud detection tech to protect them. Find out why.

| Alex Johnson
The Critical Importance of Decision Intelligence for Insurers

Insurers are moving rapidly – and competing intensively – to become advanced data-driven enterprises. Discover how dynamic entity resolution is pioneering this change.

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