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Sky News | Quantexa: Fighting Financial Crime with AI [Interview]

Vishal Marrie, (CEO Quantexa) features live on Sky News to discuss how AI is helping firms fight financial crime and money laundering.

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Guide to Contextual MDM: Put meaning back into your data

Learn how a contextual approach to master data management can help you to empower a data-centric culture that drives business value.

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Data in Context: Closing the Data Decision Gap [Global Research]

90% of global organizations struggle with data despite increased focus during the pandemic. Download this global research report to find out how to overcome the data decision gap with context.

pandora papers leak
| Matthew Long
Pandora Papers: Exposing the Complex World of Offshore Finances with Context

Billed as “an offshore data tsunami”, the Pandora Papers has exposed the growing need for contextual decision intelligence.

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Creating Value For The Enterprise Using Data

In this episode, Vishal Marria, CEO at Quantexa, speaks with the Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet, on overcoming common data challenges, digital resilience, and creating enterprise value using in AI and data & analytics.

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Banking Data & Analytics Technology [Danske Bank Case Study]

To maximize the value of data, enterprises need the right IT infrastructure in place. In this episode, Bo Svejstrup, CIO at Danske Bank discusses resolving legacy data challenges, improving collaboration between business and IT, and the future of cloud adoption.

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How Allianz Insurance Is Transforming Using Tech

Quantexa speaks with Allianz CFO to discuss the challenges of adopting technology across the enterprise, the role of data in customer-centricity, and leading transformation in the insurance industry.

| Dan Onions
4 Signs Your Data Lake Needs a Life Raft

Learn the four signs that the data in your data lakes needs rescuing – and the technology required to save it.

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IDC Report: Maximize Your Decision Intelligence by Analyzing Contextual Data

By adopting best practices for AI and analytics, companies can enable data-driven decision intelligence to become more agile and competitive.

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AML Detection & Investigation Management Report: Standard Chartered Bank [Case Study]

Financial institutions across the globe are facing increasing and evolving money laundering and financial crime threats. Regulators have imposed a […]

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