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UK Government to Fight Financial Crime with Contextual Decision Intelligence

Oct 26th, 2021

The Cabinet Office has selected Quantexa’s pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) technology to help the UK Government detect fraud in the COVID-19 loan schemes and assist in the fight against financial crime.

During the pandemic, fraudulent and illegal organizations are alleged to have abused the Government’s support system to defraud the UK taxpayer. The Cabinet Office is adopting Quantexa’s powerful entity resolution and network analytics technology to detect and fight this type of crime.

Quantexa’s advanced CDI software delivers best-in-class scheme-level network analytics and this will help Government efforts to pinpoint companies and individuals suspected of fraud. This would be impossible or impractical for manual processes to achieve. With CDI, data becomes more accessible and datasets from many sources join together to reveal real-world illicit behaviors bolstering the ability to detect and deter future fraud.

The software can reveal hidden connections and relationships between people and organizations, surfacing suspicious activities for future investigations. Quantexa’s CDI technology is already used by banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered in their anti-fraud departments, and adds to the Government’s rank of solutions already deployed to fight fraud.

The COVID loan schemes were designed to help the nation at a time of deep economic need, and we are honoured our Contextual Decision Intelligence technology is supporting the UK Government’s tenacious efforts to fight fraud. Contextual Decision Intelligence is invaluable when organizations need to dig deeper for better intelligence and insights, spot hidden risks and opportunities, and make better decisions.

Vishal Marria

Founder & CEO, Quantexa

Reveal hidden risks, manage the cost of compliance, and detect criminal activity faster with Quantexa’s Anti-Money Laundering solutions.

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