Future-Proof Your AML Investigations Using Context

Explore how AI-driven context can revolutionize AML investigations through automation and augmentation.

Accelerating your AML investigations

61% of financial services say that time spent switching between applications is the primary obstacle to investigators’ productivity.

Manually intensive AML investigations – from poorly integrated data sources to inefficient data gathering – contribute to rising labor costs every year. But new technologies are available to enhance and augment investigations to empower faster and more accurate decisions.

Download the latest IDC infobrief to see how context can transform AML investigations and enable more effective and efficient risk management.

In this report, you will learn:
  • Why financial institutions must act now to transform investigation processes

  • What ROI can be achieved by using a contextual approach

  • How Danske Bank leveraged Entity Resolution to accelerate its ability to detect, prevent and investigate suspicious activity

  • How Standard Chartered Bank simplified AML investigations for 1,500 investigators and dramatically reduced efforts in investigating financial crime across its complex operations

  • Which technologies empower faster and more efficient investigations

  • Actionable next steps to transition to next-generation contextual investigations

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