Evolving Enterprise Risk Management & the Role Of the CRO For Today’s Business Environment


About this webinar

Enterprise risks are more diverse, interconnected and fast-paced than ever – making traditional regulatory compliance approaches insufficient. Not only do risk leaders need to balance supply chain, indirect, systemic and emerging risks, they also need to proactively access their impact on the wider enterprise and protect the bottom line.

So how can risk leaders keep up?

Join this Quantexa webinar to learn how to build resilience with an approach to enterprise risk management informed by a single view of risk. 

Key Topics

  • Transformation of risk management functions needed to keep up with financial & non-financial risks that are faster paced & more interconnected than ever

  • How to apply the enterprise risk model to your organization through efficient and effective decision making

  • Steps to build long-term resiliency with a single view of risk 

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