How Vodafone Used Data to Provide Even Better Customer Experience


About this webinar

A Customer 360 solution built on Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform and Google Cloud infrastructure is how Vodafone united their data and used it to provide customer-facing teams with a contextual picture of their customers.

In this webinar Panel you will learn:

  • How Vodafone Business became a data-driven organization by using the power of data to fulfil their corporate strategy: from identifying business problems and understanding the blockers to using cutting-edge AI technology for valuable insights in day-to-day customer outreach.

  • How the Quantexa DI platform provided a 360 customer view of Vodafone Business customers using internal and external data and enabled them to use network analytics to identify high value sales opportunities.

  • Why Google Cloud was chosen as the data hub: touching on efficiency, privacy and security and what Google Cloud is doing in the Telco Market for its customers.

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Alastair Masson
Head of Telco, Quantexa
Ruth Brown
Principal Analyst – Mobile Networks & 5G, Heavy Reading
Miryem Salah
Chief Data Officer & Head of Digital & Transformation, Vodafone
Jen Hawes-Hewitt
Head of Strategic Programs and Partner-Led Solutions, Global Telecom Industry, Google