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Upgrade your KYC process with a continuous monitoring solution that automatically updates in response to risk. This enables you to gain greater insight from the point of onboarding and throughout a customer journey, while ensuring you meet higher levels of regulatory compliance.

Our dynamic KYC model leverages machine learning and AI to provide a true single view of a client. By building network context in real time, Quantexa technology improves risk insight and operational efficiencies.

Enhance KYC data

Create an enterprise-wide single client view by combining existing KYC information with transactional and external data to reduce remediation and screening volumes.

Understand the risk

Create risk scores based on a complete understanding of a customers' network based risk.

Embrace dynamic updates

Amend KYC profiles and customer risk scores automatically with continuous customer monitoring to alert your business of potential risk and opportunities in real time

A new way to understand your customer

Increase efficiency

Reduce unnecessary costs by implementing optimised AI to enhance your KYC process

Improve compliance

Identify hidden network connections to gain a broader view of risk and adhere to strict regulatory standards.

Reduce risk

Enable more effective checks by improving risk insights to accurately identify suspicious behaviour.

Enhance customer experience

Onboard your customers faster with less friction by gaining a better understanding of their wider context.

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