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Stop fraud in its tracks with a contextual approach

Network-based analytics empower organisations to detect multiple risks, including lending fraud, mule fraud and identify fraud. Whether you are assessing a transaction or application, fraud decisions cannot be made by looking at any one behaviour in isolation. 

Quantexa connects your internal and external data to provide a real-time view of your customers, enabling you to identify your high-risk customers to prevent fraud losses, whilst rewarding the good ones with an exceptional customer journey.

Our AI-driven technology creates a priority-based strategy to increase fraud detection and prevent fraud from occurring. 

Enrich your customer data

Create a 360° customer view across your enterprise by joining your internal and external data to understand where the risk is

Prioritise good customers

Offer your loyal customers more lending whilst simultaneously stopping high-risk activity before any money is lost

Protect your business against fraud risk

Reduce fraud losses

Flag illicit activity before any money is lost and avoid reputational damage

Grow your business faster

Protect your reputation with an acceptable risk tolerance while maximising lending

Increase investigator efficiency

Improve the quality of your alerts so your investigators can spend time on what matters

Enhance customer experience

Gain a better knowledge of your bad customers so you can reward the good ones

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