Whether you want to protect, optimize, or grow your organization, having a based on data you can trust is critical to driving better decisions. Yet a recent Gartner Marketing Survey says, “only 14% of organizations have achieved a 360-degree view of their customer.”


Entity resolution (ER)—the ability to connect billions of data points spread across multiple systems—is the best way to create a trusted, accurate, single customer view that reflects real-world people, places, and organizations, and the relationships between them.


Quantexa is innovating quickly to test a faster, more streamlined way to deliver entity resolution at scale by bundling key capabilities of their Decision Intelligence Platform (DI) in a new product called ER Accelerate.


This new product will deliver the same ER capabilities that Quantexa’s DI Platform provides now – but with a focus on getting enterprises up and running faster without all the code writing. Here’s how it works.


“With ER Accelerate…a user will be able to deploy the solution, configure their data model and entity resolution, execute a batch ER run, and view the results – all without having to write any code.”

– Jamie Hutton, CTO, Quantexa

5 steps to a single customer view


ER Accelerate bundles five critical capabilities that provide actionable intelligence quickly:

  • Fusion UI provides low-code, scalable, high-performance data preparation and ingestion, removing the need for complex coding or specialist skills. This ultimately allows richer data sets to be ingested quicker.
  • Batch Resolver is Quantexa’s Entity Resolution Engine for generating entities from source data that is loaded into the system via Fusion. Multiple types of entities can be resolved, including Individuals, businesses, addresses, phones, and emails. The output is then made available within the Entity Store.
  • Entity Store is a new data store, which sits alongside our Batch Resolver to bring high-performance entity search as well as a new suite of APIs to help clients integrate with Quantexa more easily.
  • Entity Quality Score is a machine learning model used to detect overlinking. It is integrated into Entity Explorer to help users understand the quality of the entities contained within the system.
  • Entity Explorer is Quantexa’s user interface for querying and analysing the resolved entities. It allows advanced slicing and dicing of the data to uncover particular data-quality issues or to search for specific entities across the entire data set.

Save time and hassle with our low-code approach

Ingesting data in preparation for Entity Resolution is often a complex and time-consuming process. Typically, each data source needs to be independently mapped into a fixed schema in preparation for the matching process. Quantexa has eliminated this process for typical ER scenarios and use cases, allowing you to bring your data into the system in its native form.


As Quantexa CTO Jamie Hutton recently noted, “with ER Accelerate…a user will be able to deploy the solution, configure their data model and entity resolution, execute a batch ER run, and view the results – all without having to write any code!” And the new ER Accelerate package saves you all the deployment and build time.


ER Accelerate comes with a full set of out-of-the-box, matching models for many key entity types, including Individuals, businesses and addresses, allowing you to gain an accurate, single view across all your data, faster than ever before.


Key benefits



Take advantage of our early access program (EAP)


To provide the best products for our customers, we want them to be a part of our creative process. This is why Quantexa is only offering ER Accelerate on an early-access basis.


In the months ahead we will be engaging with a selected set of customers, partners and prospects to help assess the value of the product in real-world use cases.


By observing how participants are deploying and configuring ER Accelerate, and offering some friendly support and guidance along the way, feedback from participants in the program will be captured and considered for inclusion in the product prior to its roll-out to the industry.


This is just the beginning


Testing ER Accelerate in real-world scenarios to develop the very best solution is just the first step on a longer journey that Quantexa is undertaking to simplify our entire platform to make all of the components—networks, analytics, visualization—quicker and easier to deploy.


To find out how you can become a part of our early-access program, talk to your Quantexa representative or click here for more information.


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