The strength is in the numbers: The value of our Platform
The strength is in the numbers: The value of our Platform

QuanCon24 Recap: Activate the Power of Decision Intelligence for Data Without Doubt

See the highlights from QuanCon24 and explore what’s possible when you put data to work to protect, optimize, and grow your organization.

QuanCon24 Recap: Activate the Power of Decision Intelligence for Data Without Doubt

In an era of disruption – from supply chain disruption, geopolitics, cost of living, and elections – organizations face a multitude of critical decisions that can lead to increased risk, missed opportunities, or dead ends. Organizations must evolve to make fast confident decisions to become efficient, resilient, and reach goals before the competition.

But so much more is possible with the right data, in the right context.

That's why we dedicated the theme for our seventh and largest QuanCon this year to navigating Data Without Doubt.

On March 12 2024, Quantexa's leaders were joined by industry experts from across the globe to explore how today’s organizations can activate the power of decision intelligence to achieve quality data, employ AI, make more accurate decisions, and achieve transformation.

QuanCon24 was presented in partnership with PwC, Ernst & Young, Dun & Bradstreet, KPMG, and Moody’s, and was designed for businesses on their journey to protect, optimize, and grow their organization by modernizing their data strategy and decision-making.


Activate the power of Decision Intelligence

Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria told QuanCon 2024 attendees in his opening remarks "This is what is at the core of Quantexa – getting data in context and enabled for AI. This will drive productivity and growth while opening doors to new business models. With better data, you will get better insights.”

He also underscored that in this “era of disruption,” it is crucial for companies trying to evolve and innovate to master “the right use of technology, data, and AI.”


“Data is the cornerstone upon which insights are built. It’s the key to unlocking opportunities, mitigating risks, and driving growth.”
Vishal Marria, CEO and Founder, Quantexa

Our collective aim was to inspire attendees to accelerate their efforts to build a resilient and confident data-driven organization. Here is a quick recap of QuanCon 2024’s stellar lineup of thought-provoking sessions featuring industry speakers from leading enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations.

You can watch all the following sessions on demand here.

“Maximizing the Value of Your Organization’s Data”

This first expert panel at QuanCon 2024, moderated by Quantexa’s Chief Customer Officer Laura Hutton, was devoted to uncovering the pivotal role of data in empowering organizations to make better decisions. This session featured:

  • Paul Clapperton, Head of Financial Crime Technology, Barclays

  • Paul Cullender, Head of Data Asset Technologies and Controls, HSBC

  • Seamus Murphy, Group Chief Operating Officer, Novo Banco

Panel members shared their key learnings and insights on enabling organizational transformation with a robust data foundation and an elevated data strategy. Attendees also learned how their organization can make strategic and innovative investments to overcome today’s data challenges.

“Improving Patient and Community Care with Data-Driven Decisioning”

This session was devoted to the role of technology and data in driving a healthcare evolution. The speakers were:

  • Prof. Iain Buchan, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Innovation, The University of Liverpool

  • Prof. Joe Rafferty, CEO, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust


Buchan and Rafferty described the groundbreaking and collaborative journey that their organizations are on to bring data together to create a 360-degree patient view. They shared how their teams prioritize trust and explainability to reshape healthcare with innovation, empower proactive community care, and improve children’s lives.

“Tackling Financial Crime and Fraud in the Era of AI”

This expert panel, moderated by Quantexa’s Chief Marketing Officer Matt Hooper, focused on how macroeconomic shifts are impacting risk and governance across industries. It featured four industry trailblazers:

  • Jocelyn Norval, Global TM and Screening Lead, ING

  • Kai Schrimpf, Head of Monitoring and Screening Controls, Morgan Stanley

  • Mark Cheeseman, Chief Executive Officer, Public Sector Fraud Authority

  • Neil Jones, Head of 1st Line Financial Crime, Danske Bank

The panelists detailed how the transformative power of generative AI and new technologies can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of anti-money laundering and help counter economic crime. They also offered their insights on combating financial crime, the role of technology, future innovations, and the significance of public-private partnerships.

Quantexa's Platform Roadmap Update


One of the most anticipated events at QuanCon24 was an in-depth look at Quantexa’s product roadmap vision, presented by Quantexa’s Chief Product Officer Dan Higgins.

In addition to outlining our company’s mission and vision and providing an overview of decision intelligence, Higgins explained why “data without doubt” is a fundamental principle to enabling true decision intelligence. He also explained how some of the largest organizations in the world are seeing transformational benefits by using Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform to:

  • Make their data AI-ready

  • Create a trusted and accessible data foundation for use across the entire organization

  • Build applications and services by leveraging a decentralized data foundation

Quantexa also announced a partnership with Microsoft during the product roadmap session. Kate Rosenshine, Global Technology Director, Strategic Partnerships at Microsoft, joined Higgins to announce the immediate availability of Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and described plans to bring a new cloud-native AI solution to midsize banks in the United States.

Decision Intelligence Technology Previews


Finally, Quantexa's Chief Technology Officer, Jamie Hutton, joined the stage for an in-depth presentation that included exclusive previews of new offerings that can help organizations navigate the complexities of data and redefine data decision-making, such as:

  • Our industry-leading natural language processing (NLP) pipeline allows our customers to expand their data universe to look beyond structured and semi-structured data to include unstructured data, like news events and articles, at scale.

  • Our robust case management solution and intelligent workflow can help customers enable more effective identification and assessment of risks and opportunities – and more.

  • Q Assist, which will help Quantexa’s customers augment the decisions they make with generative AI. They can use generative AI assistant Q Assist to, among other things, query large and disparate data via a natural language interface and speed up and streamline their investigation and research efforts.

You can now watch the technology previews and all sessions from QuanCon24 on demand.

Partner Awards of the Year

One of the founding principles of Quantexa is that we are a part of a wider industry ecosystem. And, our partners are critical to the growth and success of Quantexa. So, we awarded two Partner of the Year awards at QuanCon24.

The first was our Global Partner of the Year 2024 which was awarded to KPMG for their continued innovative use of data & analytics and deep understanding of the Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform, providing solutions to customers across Financial Services and Government sectors globally.

The second was our Innovation Partner of the Year 2024, which was awarded to PwC for trailblazing across a wide range of industries with Quantexa from Consumer Markets and Financial Services, to Government and Telecommunications.


Marria said of these accolades, “These two partners have highlighted through innovation and co-partnering how we can profoundly serve and deliver for our joint clients in an exceptional way.”

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The strength is in the numbers: The value of our Platform
The strength is in the numbers: The value of our Platform