ER Accelerate

Early Access Program

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Simplifying the Way to Accurate, Contextual Data

ER Accelerate puts powerful innovation and exploration capabilities in the hands of our customers and partners.

ER Accelerate brings together our Entity Resolution capability in a new, easy to deploy and configure package, providing a faster and simpler way to ingest data into the Quantexa platform and create accurate, single views of data for decision-making.


About the EAP

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What’s Our Focus?


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Ease of Use

  • Low-code approach reduces complexity and friction of data configuration
  • New entity quality scoring to understand your entity builds at a glance
  • Simple and flexible schema-less data ingestions that allows full data retentio
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Speedier Deployments

  • Smart data modelling automation​
  • Easy-to-install package
  • More out-of-the-box deployment options for quicker integration with customer ecosystems
  • Clear migration path to
    full platform

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Faster Proof of Value

  • Faster design and development of solutions powered by Quantexa’s ER
  • Improved self-sufficiency and resource training
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What’s Inside


We’ve bundled low-code and UI-driven components that reduce the time and skillsets needed to implement our Entity resolution, making it easier and faster to unlock value.​

Key capabilities

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Low-code Data Ingestion & ER

  • Fusion accelerates the onboarding
    process of data.
  • Out-of-the-box configuration.
  • One-click batch ER with the Entity store.
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Entity Exploration with Context-driven Data

  • Data automatically uploaded after entity resolution – little to no configuration needed
  • Understand the quality of entities
  • Quicker entity exploration with Entity store
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  • Integrate and use data in downstream systems
  • Simple lookup by entityID
  • Broader search by Entity Attribute
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The Early Access Program (EAP)



ER Accelerate will be released on the 28th of March, 2023 via an Early Access Program (EAP).

During the EAP, Quantexa will be engaging with customers and partners to test ER Accelerate in real-world use cases. We will be observing the participants deploying and configuring the product and will offer support and guidance where necessary.

The feedback from the EAP participants will be captured and considered for inclusion in the product for General availability (GA).

If you want to express your interest in participating, please fill in the form below.


Register your interest in the EAP

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